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Sheet metal forming

All products of Sander Automation, including Transfer systems, blankloaders, die cushions, blank loader or blanking stations are sophisticated systems which have been tested and proven to be reliable in our production over many years.

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Solid forming

Sander Transfer systems and charging stations have been used since 1995 for massive forming. Wellknown companies, always return to Sander Automation for our well-proven, reliable products.

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New or used

Are you looking for used Transfer systems? – ask us!
Find data sheets for an efficient way of identifying your needs regarding transfer systems.

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  INTELLIGENCE IN MOTION   Canada/Barrie: Europe/Renchen: Asia/Seoul:
  2D/3D sheet metal forming
        >> ZGV 200 / ZHGV 200
        ZGV 450 / ZHGV 450
         ZGV 650 / ZHGV 650
        ZGV 1000 / ZHGV 1000
  Large presses HST
  2D/3D solid forming
ZGV 200/ZHGV 200

» C-Frame presses
» Forming presses- bolster length 2,000mm
» High speed presses up to 150 1/min
» Hydraulic presses
» Servo presses

» Intallation of transfer without press
» Tool data can be stored for over 1000 tools
» High dynamic brushless servo drive
» Patented drive for gripping and feed
» Unnecessary usage of stabalizers ( synchronous run)
» Modes of operation: inch – single stroke – continuous run
» Precisely synchronized over entire crank angle
» Central lubrication system ( self monitored)
» Harmonious motion because of Polynom five
» Backlash free drives for all motions
» Free programmable lifting and lowering motions
» Free programmable open and close gripper motions
» Advanced motions for exact placement of part in the tool
» Absolute encoder for redundant monitoring
» Moving of gripper rails possible in every position, even in overstroke, therefore the tool space will be available for set-up work

Speed range optimization program with consideration of the forming rules, height of deepdraw part, press stroke, process of press stroke (all modified presses and servo presses)

» UPS for regulation of axis during a power outage
» Charged capacitors for emergency opening of rails, even during a power outage
» Electronic overload protection for lifting axes
» Electronic overload protection for gripper axes
» Electronic overload protection for feed axis
» Industrial Computer for monitoring in case of error or outage
» Cycle time of industrial computers 2-4 ms (quasi real time)
» Direct drive via motor drive on swing
» Synchrounous monitoring of press encoder

» Cam control
» Grippers for sheet metal forming

ZGV 200 on a C-Frame press

Feed ZGV 200 on a C-Frame press

Geberanbau an Pressenkurbelwelle

Feed (mm) 0-400
Gripper path (mm) 0-300
Gripper and part weight (kg) 0-20
Press stroke (N) 1000
Gripper rail distance (mm) 200 - 800
Stroke rate (1/min) 0 - 150

ZGV 200 Flyer (592.75 KByte)

Data Sheet for Transfer Quotations (54.99 KByte)